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Monday, 7 April 2014

Banana Bread

I discovered a Canadian baking site ages ago and have tried out a few of their bread recipes. The 100% wholewheat recipe is lovely.

Despite having a small boy who could eat his own body weight in bananas, I actually had some overripe ones going so I thought I'd make the banana bread.

I doubled the recipe this time because the last loaf I mixed in the Kenwood was decidedly flat, not exactly sandwich bread. It was delicious though!

I chucked all the ingredients in like I would with my bread maker with the yeast at the bottom, dry then wet ingredients followed by salt. Don't know if it makes any difference, just habit! Using the dough hook I mixed it for a few minutes on minimum then 1 until it looked like proper dough. I added a splash of water because it looked quite dry. You could do this easily in the bread maker but maybe not in this quantity.

Leave the dough in a warm place (my kitchen's not that warm this morning) for an hour to double in size then knock it back a little before placing in your loaf tin. It looked a little tight so it probably needs plenty of proving time.

Leave to prove again in the tin whilst pre heating the oven (to the highest temp). The dough should increase in size. I made a mini loaf for a friend who's down in the dumps - I might deliver banana bread and chocolate spread!

I baked the bread for 10min on the highest temperature then turned the temp down to 180° for about 25min. I think next time it'll need longer proving in the tin and maybe cooking at 200° for half an hour or so.

It was lovely, a bit doughy for my taste but hubby loved it and it made great eggy bread for Wonder Boy.

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