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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Anytime pizza

I've done enough cooking to know which instructions to treat as a vague guideline and which ones to actually follow. I really like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's 'Magic bread dough' recipe because it's cheap and it works. It's in his Veg Everyday book, which I bought ages ago for a fiver, so shop around.

This is my version:

As long as the flour quantity adds up to 500g you should be okay, and use at least 50% strong flour as I think it makes a difference to the rise if you use it for bread.

250g wholemeal strong flour
150g self raising flour  (normally would use plain - this is the end of Leaky Bag)
100g strong white flour
1tsp table salt
1.5tsp easy-blend (active) dried yeast
1tbsp vegetable oil
325ml water

This is for my Panasonic breadmaker, brands differ on how you should add ingredients. I bought it 2nd hand on ebay well over 6 years ago and it's had almost daily use.

Add yeast to breadmaker pan followed by the flours, salt, oil and water. Set machine to pizza setting - mine takes 45min.

When the dough is ready, tip out into a large oiled bowl. This makes the dough easier to remove later.

Leave for an hour or two then shape as you wish. I split the dough in two and put one lot in an oiled loaf tin, and shaped the rest into 3 pizza bases and 4 small rolls. Once shaped, the loaf and the rolls need to be left for a good half hour to rise again (proving time).

Shape the pizza dough. I basically flattened it with my fingers onto some reusable baking sheet liners I bought from Lakeland.

Spread your chosen pizza topping on the dough. I used Jack Munroe's lentil bolognese that I'd made with yellow split peas/chana dhal. I'd had to puree it to hide the big fat yellow lentils from Wonder Boy so it's gone from poisonous to delicious apparently.

I got the grated mozzarella out of the fridge (I find the value range ones pretty good value), and discovered hubby had eaten half of it, so grated the same amount of cheddar and mixed it up. I topped each pizza with the cheese then put it in a preheated oven for 20mins (take it out after 10 if you want to freeze it for later).

During the making process, Wonder Boy announced he wanted pizza for breakfast.   Thinking 'pick your battles', 'it's too early for an argument' and 'it's homemade and pretty healthy anyway', I complied like a good/caffeine deprived mummy.

It would be better to double the recipe next time and use half for a loaf as the one I've made looks pretty flat and pathetic and the rolls are tiny.

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