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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mandarin marmalade

I had some rather suspect mandarins languishing at the bottom of the fridge. Nothing a lemon, sugar and a food processor can't sort out!

I used this recipe as a guide, but adapted it to suit my taste and the fact I wasn't fully awake, and feeling very lazy.

I left the pith as I couldn't be bothered with the faff and don't like it too sweet - the pith also helps the marmalade to set. It's a really nice summery flavour and I might well be baking a marmalade cake with it shortly!

Weigh your mandarins and lemon (I had a bag of mandarins and a dodgy looking lemon making up 700g).

Place a small plate in the freezer to test for a set later.

Process in the food processor. I wanted it quite fine in texture so left it a while. The ropey lemon needed a bit of hand chopping to encourage it to be obliterated!

Add the fruit mix to a large saucepan with granulated sugar (whatever half the weight of the fruit is - 350g in my case).

Add the juice of one lemon and slowly bring to the boil stirring now and again to prevent it sticking and burning to the bottom of the pan.

After 20 minutes take the pan off the heat and test to see if the marmalade has set. Do this by putting a teaspoon of the marmalade on the plate from the freezer and checking it's the consistency you like. I was impressed with the lovely bright orange colour  (I told Wonder Boy it was Paddington Bear's special marmalade.)

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