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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Pancakes to save the world

It turns out that chronic sleep deprivation affects one's ability to remember a previously memorised pancake recipe. It also transpires that Pintrest was not my friend on this occasion as the link I'd saved is so old it didn't work.

Family emergency!

The day was saved by hubby remembering I'd posted the recipe on Facebook in response to his thoughtful 'Dearest, you need to give me your pancake recipe because if you're hit by a bus it'll all be over'.

Why thank you darling. So romantic.

I don't even like pancakes that much, but hubby and Wonder Boy love them!

I used 130g of self raising flour today, for no other reason than the packet has a hole in and is leaking all over my cupboard (I know I could fix the bag that's too easy) and my hand slipped. Yes I was too lazy to take 5g flour out.

If you use self raising flour you don't really need the baking powder but I used it anyway because I knew it would make them super fluffy, and that I'd be using the whole mix at once. If I'd kept it in the fridge it would've looked like it was alive, producing bubbles at the top of the mix and seemingly thickening. That's fine, you just to give it a good stir and might need a splash of milk to give it the right consistency before you cook it.

1 egg
200ml milk
125g plain flour
1tsp baking powder
Splash of oil for the pan

Makes 10 (it did today anyway)

Heat the oil in a large frying pan to a medium heat.

Beat the egg and milk together.

Mix the flour and baking powder in a separate bowl (I used a mug).

Gradually add the flour mixture to the liquid, whisking well as you add each spoonful.

Add a dessert spoonful of the mixture to the pan leaving a bit of space between each dollop. It sounds silly but add the mix in order (I do clockwise), so that you know which dollop has been cooking the longest.

Once you can see a good few ml of the pancake cooking (bubbles might also burst on the surface), turn them over if you can remove them from the pan easily.
Give them a few minutes, then move to the edge of the pan and add the rest of the mix (or just cook two batches).

Serve with fresh fruit, unless you live in my house then serve with lashings of golden syrup.

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