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Monday, 18 May 2015

Scrambled eggs and fish

I was all set for being smug and reheating the homemade, cheap as chips (cheaper? ) tomato and haricot bean soup by Jack Munroe. Check out her blog and cookery books they are ace.

However, we obviously ate it last week. Oh.

We have what feels like a freezer full of kippers as hubby got a little over excited in Tesco last week and bought loads of them 'on cheap'. He loves them for breakfast but the thought doesn't do it for me anymore, so my cooked kipper has been waiting for me in the fridge since Saturday morning. It's been in the fridge for 2 days, smelt and tasted fine so I'm assuming it won't kill me. Tune in later in the week to find out! You could use any fish - packets of cooked smoked mackerel are basically the same thing and are pretty cheap - different fish would be a different flavour obviously.

We also have an allotment down the road, with a few perpetual spinach plants doing rather well, and quite a few spinach leaves in the fridge looking a bit dodgy from when I picked them last week. I fancy perpetual spinach needs a bit more cooking than the normal spinach you get in bags from the shop. It's got the flavour of spinach but needs cooking like kale, only you can eat the stalks. With the normal stuff you could probably add it at the same time as the eggs.

I could have added onion, chilli and garlic or even stirred through some cooked rice which probably would have looked disgusting but tasted like kedgeree. But I didn't because I wanted something quick and that allotment won't weed itself.

Melt the butter on a gentle heat, cut up the spinach into small pieces and stir until they go dark green and are coated in butter.

Add the eggs and stir to make sure everything is evenly mixed, then add the fish and stir again.

Take off the heat before it's fully cooked unless you enjoy rubbery scrambled eggs.
Serve in a bowl with a fork and eat it before you remember to take a photo, or serve on toast (I must not eat all the bread, I must not eat all the bread, I must not eat all the bread).

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