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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Custard Danish (and other pastries)

After making Glorious Custard the other day, having used it for two Rhubarb and Custard cakes and also successfully hiding it from my husband (he loves custard), I had a little bit of custard left over. It still tasted good, but it had been hanging around in the fridge for several days and it really needed using up.

I absolutely love Custard Danishes, so I thought I'd have a go at the BBC Good Food recipe, which I've only very slightly amended.

After following the instructions to make the Custard Danishes, I didn't quite have enough custard to make 18 so I thought I'd make use of the leftover chocolate and try using the pastry to make a version of Pain au Chocolat (yes, there is such a thing as leftover chocolate, I'd hidden an Easter Egg very well it seems!)

I guess this blog counts as a way to use up leftovers? I did end up using leftover chocolate too! I always try to cook with what I have in (unless it's a special occasion), or use ingredients that have multiple uses rather than buying something special then using it once and throwing it out.

I've sightly adapted the method to this recipe but kept the pastry ingredients the same. I didn't weigh the leftover custard before I started out, I just used it until there was none left, and I couldn't face spending over a quid for a tin of apricot halves so I went for the 40p a tin peach slices.

250g plain flour plus extra for kneading/dusting
250g strong white flour
7g fast action yeast
50g sugar
150ml milk
1 beaten egg plus extra to glaze (or try milk)
250g butter not fridge cold but not soft, cut into 8 even slices.

  1. Pulse together the dry ingredients plus 2 tsp salt in a processor, then pulse in the milk and egg until you have a smooth, slightly sticky dough. I had to add a generous dash of milk at this point to get the right consistency. Knead for 1 min, using a little flour, until just smooth and no longer sticky. Put into an oiled bowl, cover with oiled cling film and leave to rise in a warm place for 1 hr until doubled in size.
  2. Flour your surface, then pat the dough out to a rectangle, 1cm thick. Lay the butter slices out over the middle of the dough, in a rectangle. Fold the pastry over the top, bottom and then sides until the butter is completely hidden. Press the edges down. Read this step properly and you'll have less problems with butter oozing out of the sides later on (like I did!).
  3. Roll the dough out to a 50 x 30cm rectangle, first tapping out the dough with the rolling pin in gentle ridges, so that you can tell the butter is being squashed out evenly inside the pastry, before rolling properly. Turn dough 90 degrees, then fold the right third over and the left third over that. Do this three times, chilling for 15 mins after each roll. The chilling is essential
  4. Cut the dough in half, into 2 squares. Roll one piece of dough to 35 x 35cm. Cut each half into 9 squares.
For the custard danishes, put 1tsp custard towards each corner, sit a peach slice on each dollop of custard, then pull 2 corners over and pinch to seal.

For pain au chocolat:
When you run out of pastry squares (I made 10 custard danishes), find the leftover chocolate you hid from your child at Easter your child hasn't eaten because they prefer carrot sticks. 

Melt the chocolate and cool until semi solid.

Cut 2 strips of chocolate to roughly the width of the pastry square.

Place chocolate near the edge of each side of the square. Roll pastry edges over the chocolate so the pastry meets in the middle. Turn over so the top is smooth. Chill for at least 15min. (I made 4.)

Cut each pain au chocolat in half and place on a baking sheet with space between them.

Freeze or refrigerate leftover pastry squares.

For all pastries, leave to prove for at least 30min before baking or you will end up with a chewy pastry (I tried). Brush with beaten egg (and pinch the corners together again in the custard danishes) before baking at 180°C/160°C fan. Bake for 15min until golden and risen.

This blog is part of #thepastrychallenge (see Jen's food and United Cakedom (June host) for current and past entries), and is also part of The Breakfast Club challenge.

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  1. These look amazing!! Thank you for entering this month's Pastry Challenge! I look forward to seeing what you enter next month!