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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Poached eggs and ham

I thought it was about time to stop being so stubborn (so unusual for me I know), and start thinking about Slimming World again as it's always worked for me in the past and I woke up feeling fat this morning. I quite liked their new plan as it has an emphasis on lean protein and vegetables which sounds pretty balanced. I'm going to try not to get used to huge portions though as that's half my problem!

I am useless at poaching eggs, and have never quite mastered the baked-eggs-in-ham thing: the ham ends up very crispy! So, I got 2 mini pudding basins out of the cupboard and lined each with a slice of ham and cracked an egg into each one. I sprinkled some chilli flakes onto the top of each egg to child proof it, mainly (he LOVES eggs and 'am), and put them into a saucepan with about an inch or so of boiling water in. The basins sat flat on the bottom of the pan and I put the lid on the saucepan. I left to simmer until the eggs were set.

Do not add salt, as the salt from the ham will make it salty enough. Whilst the eggs are cooking make a salad (or pick the lettuce from the window box on the front step), or wilt some spinach to serve.

If I can hide the ham from Wonder Boy I'll definitely make it again it was delicious and the texture just right. I might cook it for a little less (get less distracted so I keep an eye on it) next time as I like the yolk runnier, but it was still YUM!


**This is not official Slimming World advice**

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