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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Tiger cake!

Now this isn't exactly an economical family meal idea but nevermind! I volunteer for Free Cakes for Kids, Reading. Volunteering for them really suits me as I can do it as and when it fits in with my week - you can bake one cake a week, month or year whatever works for you.

Free Cakes for Kids Reading connects families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cakes for their child with local bakers who enjoy making and decorating cakes. The reason a family might want a cake from us could be because of financial or health issues, or due to other difficult circumstances.

There is a national Free Cakes for Kids charity so find one near you!

This time a request was made to bake a cake with a jungle theme for an event that Home-start Reading are participating in this week: National Bookstart Week.

Somehow, I came up with the idea for a Tiger Cake. I found an achievable idea for the decoration here, and made one weeny addition to the Jenny White's zebra cake recipe: orange food colouring!

So I've made a tiger cake which is decorated as a tiger. I hope it tastes good and keeps its looks for tomorrow! I decorated it very quickly as I wasn't sure when Wonder Boy would be back from his playdate. It isn't perfect looking but hopefully it'll be viewed from its best side tomorrow! I think it's for a 'guess the name of the cake' game!

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