Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Blackberry Gin (for Christmas!)

This week, I will mostly be making Blackberry Gin. You can substitute the gin for vodka, and the blackberries for damsons*, sloes*, plums* or raspberries. If you have a sweet tooth (I have a gin tooth not a sweet one), use 500g of sugar instead. Don't forget you can always add it later though.

Take a big, clip top (or screw top) jar and fill with the following:

1 litre of gin (not the good stuff)
675g blackberries
375g sugar

Seal jar.
Give it a good shake.
Keep shaking every few days until sugar dissolves.
Keep the jar in a dark place for about 3 months.

Strain the gin from the fruit (save it to make a grown up pudding at Christmas).

Test gin extensively before rebottling to make sure it's sweet enough. If it's not add a bit of sugar.

*If using damsons, sloes or plums, shove them into the freezer overnight before making this recipe to avoid staining your hands and stabbing yourself with a fork (you need to break the skins first).